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How Often Should You See Your Women's Health Professional?

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When Should You Visit Your Women's Health Professional?

After you reach certain milestones, regularly consulting with a women's health professional becomes a necessity instead of just something to consider.

When should you start visiting your gynecologist regularly? You should schedule your first visit to the gynecologist when you become sexually active. Once you’ve reached that point, you should see a gynecologist once per year at least.

Annual gynecologist visits are also recommended for women over the age of 21. By the time you reach the age of 21, your sexual activity should not be your lone consideration for your gynecologist visits. You have to go every year regardless of your current level of sexual activity.

Although you’re visiting the gynecologist every year, you won’t need a pap test every time. One Pap test every five years is enough for women in the 21 to 29 age group. Depending on your medical background, your gynecologist may urge you to undergo Pap tests more often. They may recommend getting one every three years instead of five.

Women over 30 will have to undergo both Pap and HPV tests. Pap tests may be increased to once every three years. Meanwhile, HPV tests may be administered once every five years.

Of course, you don’t have to hold off on visiting your gynecologist if you sense something’s wrong. Whether you’re worried about an STD or suspect you’re pregnant, you can drop by the gynecologist’s office for advice.

Reach out to Dr. Leonard of StorkGYN if you’re looking for a women's health professional in Houston, TX.

What Can You Expect From Your Gynecologist’s Visit?

Our gynecologist will likely begin the consultation by asking you some questions. They may also ask you to provide blood and urine samples and record your weight. The pelvic exam will begin with the doctor examining the outside of your vagina. After that, they may put on some gloves and use their fingers to gauge the condition of your ovaries and uterus.

If you’re getting a Pap test, the doctor will use a special tool to open your vaginal canal. They will also take a sample from your cervix by swabbing it. This procedure should be pain-free. It will also be over quickly. The entire process should take around five minutes.

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